Jan 18, 2012

He's Gone

Axel Paul
January 26, 2010-January 18, 2012

We knew he would die very young.
He had a very serious congenital disease, Chiari Malformation.
In the back of my mind I had always thought he would start to decline over time and we would know it was coming.

Instead he was gone in an instant.

Now his Mommy and Daddy are grieving for their son.  They are so young yet they have proved themselves to be excellent parents.

They chose life for a child who would never grow up.  He was almost 2 and still the size of an infant.

But his smile!

That beautiful smile!

His Gramma, my sister, said Axel was the happiest baby she had ever seen.

He was so healthy in the ordinary sense of the word.
He didn't get a lot of colds or ear infections.

He wasn't a fussy baby.
He was a happy baby.

So pray for his Mom and Dad.  Pray for his Grandparents.  They knew this would come someday...but it came so swiftly, one minute he is as fine as he could be considering his Chiari.  The next he is gone.

Axel and his little sister Autumn. She is 3 months old.

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