Dec 20, 2011

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

A homeschooling Mom that I know sent me this song.  I told her that I am not a fan of what I call 'story songs'  but this song is more than that.  Its message is true and calls us to question our Christmas celebrations.

Another thought that I had today while I was running errands.  "Why do we put so much into Christmas, even as believers, but the death and resurrection of our Lord are much quieter.

I have no problem telling perfect strangers "Merry Christmas", even if it is NOT politically correct.  But around Easter I have a real difficult time saying "He is alive!".

Something to think about.

Another thing to ponder...churches put on a big, often expensive production for Christmas.  But I am aware of fewer and fewer celebrations for His resurrection.

It's sad,

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