Dec 9, 2011

Another post on Migraine Disease

Are you tired of hearing about migraines yet? I'm sure tired of having them. (I did backtrack on the blog and don't see a migraine post for a while).

What's new? Well my neurologist says I am the most difficult case she has ever seen. (She is the 3rd Neurologist to tell me this). The next step Dr H. wants to take is botox injections. Botox has helped some patients but is not a guarantee. I am not ready to do something that seems so drastic but I will be meeting with another Dr in the practice to learn more about this procedure.

If I want the Dr to listen to me I should at least give her the same consideration. Meanwhile I am studying and researching as much as possible to educate myself on the options for preventing as well as treating migraine.

With that in mind, I just found a new website that looks very promising. I googled (actually I swagbucked but googled sounds better) low-tyramine diet and found this Relieve Migraine Headache .

It is a lot of stuff to read but I'm going to plow through with my trusty pen and notepad by my side and learn as much as I can.

One thing I did learn today...

Cheddar cheese triggers migraine.

I ate what I thought was a healthy breakfast. Good for my blood sugar, having protein and carbs, natural not processed... I ate an apple, cheddar cheese and a cup of green tea.

Within 2 hours I was slammed. I took my meds right away and within 10 minutes I was vomiting. So I think I probably did not get any meds into my system. I had Daniel call the pharmacist to see if I could safely take another dose of meds. She said it would not be wise, wait 4 hours. So now I;m sitting here typing because I have some spaghetti squash in the oven and need to wait about 35 minutes more to take it out. Then I'm going to surround my head with ice packs, put blinders over my eyes and try to break this headache.

Note to self, print out the list of tyramine containing foods and put it front and center on the fridge AND put a copy in my wallet.

Another thing I am going to do is investigate acupuncture and seeing a naturopathic doctor. I just want to get some personal recommendations.

SO...this is where I am. Still fighting and often feeling like I am losing the battle. I know I am going through this for a reason. Maybe the reason is to teach my children how to care for and have empathy for someone with a chronic illness. I don't know.

I do know that I am in control of my attitude and how I respond to people in the midst of all of this.

So I will continue to learn and to wait upon the LORD and to learn to be content in the midst of pain.

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