Dec 19, 2011

The trouble with 'Small Groups'

First read the blog at this website:  Deeper
This is my response:

My husband and I also have the problem with ‘small groups’. They are too often NOT a welcoming, healing place to be. We have both been emotionally and verbally attacked because the "leader" did not think what we believed, said, did was up to their standards.
He fortunately has a Bible Study group with several men at the office that has been meeting for several years. Not a ‘you have to join a small group’ group but a group in which they can be real. Where they genuinely care about each other. A group that has developed trust and love for each other over time. Something that CANNOT be forced.

I have never experienced the close care and friendship that should be a part of my walk with Christ.

Maybe I am too broken to fix. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I cannot ‘fit in’.

What ever the reason I hunger for the type of fellowship that the early Christ Followers had. A community that loves each other, that bore the burdens, mourned with those in mourning and rejoiced with those rejoicing. O how I long for that…

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