Aug 15, 2010

Not Back to School

It is hard to believe that we resume formal lessons tomorrow.  This new year has required much more of my time to plan.  But, it's done (mostly) and we're ready to start. (I always tweak as we go)

Our focus this year will be a very strong Bible study and a very intense Latin program.  But there will be time for fun as well.

For fun and fellowship D & S will be involved in a 'Speed Stack' club.  If you have never heard of this new activity you can check it out here.

This program helps to develop both sides of the brain as they learn increasingly difficult stack sequences and decrease their time.  We have a set and D &S practice almost every day.  They must have the correct technique and order in which they up-stack and then down-stack.

For Latin we will be using The Latin Road to English Grammar vol

For Bible we will be going through :

The Westminster Shorter Catechism
The Westminster Confession of Faith
The Cross Centered Life, Mahaney
Do Hard Things, Harris
Don't Waste Your Life, J. Piper
Learn one hymn per week

For US History
Drive Thru America

A History of Medicine
Apologia General Science

Saxon 7/6 then 8/7


Daniel will go through a book called 'Created to Work' as well as start his A+ training to build computers.

Sarah's book will be 'Beautiful Girlhood' and she will be using an art program.

I would also like to start working on ASL.

I will be teaching an 'Intro to Crochet' and "Intro to Basket Weaving' for our homeschooling group. 

So that's it in a nutshell.  If you think of us, pray that we will be diligent, disciplined, and most of all Christ-like in our attitudes, work and interaction with others.

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