May 13, 2010

Prayer Heard and Answered

I posted on May 5th about the need and power of  prayer in the believers life.  Sadly I failed to put into practice what I said I believed. 

Today was different.  We started our school morning with prayer.  I specifically prayed for encouragement for my husband in his job today.  About 2 hours later he called.  His tone was very upbeat.  He had just come from a meeting with his new boss.  This was a meeting that he probably went into with a not so great attitude.  A meeting that could have meant more discouragement.

Instead GOD used this meeting to clarify to his new boss the process that he goes through and all the paperwork involved in his job as 'Fleet Services Specialist'. David is now encouraged that something will be done to streamline the process so that he will be doing what he is supposed to do (spec and order vehicles etc.) instead of doing a clerking job.

I was in tears as he told me the positive things that will happen as a result of this meeting. Of course he heard the catch in my voice and asked why I was crying.  Praise God for answered prayer!

We have made a commitment to each other and our children to devote ourselves to a time of prayer as a family after supper each evening.

Won't you join us?  If you would like to make your own commitment to prayer as a family, please post a comment on the blog.

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