Mar 18, 2010

Haiti Relief

Lots of folks are sending $$ and going to Haiti to help the earthquake victims. Our church is also trying to help. We are a small ARP congregation. Most of our membership is in the 60+-age range. We have a missionary couple that we support both financially and with prayer and other forms of encouragement.
P & B were injured in the earthquake. Injured is putting it lightly in my view. P lost his arm and B lost a lower leg. They are not letting their injuries stop them. Their heart is for the Haitian people and they are not about to let a little thing like an earthquake stop them.

So…How can we help? Most of us are not in the position to travel to Haiti and physically help. BUT we can bake, make crafts and increase our giving.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 the church is having a bake sale / craft fair.

That means the S and & have been in full craft mode for the last few weeks. And I plan on working right up to the deadline to get as much made as possible.

Here are a few photos of what we have done. (so far)

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