Dec 9, 2009


My children both enjoy writing. Writing for school assignments is one thing. They do it and do it well. But writing on their own, from their heart produces a completely different style and finished product. 

I quite often find one or the other huddle in some corner writing in a journal.  When I call them to history (science, math...) they are certain to ask for five more minutes to finish their thoughts.  How can I refuse?  This is NOT time wasted.  Most often the writing they are doing (from what I have been allowed to see) has been praise to our Father!

This writing I do not ask to see. I do not correct for spelling or grammar. I do not comment upon. And since I do not ask I am often given the privilege of a tiny glimpse of what they have written.

That is how the previous post came to be on the blog. I didn't ask or suggest. Sarah, for some reason known only to her, wanted to share. And for that I am most blessed.

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