Dec 24, 2009

My Husband is My HERO!!

My dear, sweet, hardworking husband does NOT like to do plumbing jobs. Yet yesterday he cheerfully, tirelessly, successfully fixed the leaky faucet in the master bathroom!

This was not an easy task. The original, 1960 era faucet was frozen to the sink and was stubbornly refusing to go. It was very happy where it was and wanted to stay forever. It seemed that it was going to win the battle. But my husband was unwilling to give in. So he went above and beyond and did the unthinkable!

First he tore out the cheap cabinet that appeared to be supporting the sink and banished it from our home. Then he unhooked the water lines that were so friendly with the leaky faucet. Finally, with a mighty heave, he lifted the sink from its mooring and took it to the kitchen where he placed it on his workmate workbench to perform the necessary surgery.

It was an ugly sight. But we all remained calm and fetched whatever the intrepid surgeon needed and in just a quarter of an hour the patient was returned to its home, reunited with the plumbing, and providing us once again with a leak free place to wash our hands.

Thank you darling, you did a wonderful job.

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