Jun 4, 2008

Sarah's 10th Birthday

We celebrated Sarah's 10th birthday this past Sunday. We had both sets of grandparents, 8 kids plus our 2, 2 sets of parents and 2 single gals, for a total of 20 people!

She had a great time playing dodge ball, having a super- soaker fight, icing cupcakes, watching "Pinky and the Brain".

We started after church with lunch around 1 and had folks here until 8. Most of them left by 5, but we had also offered to "babysit" one families kids so they could have a church meeting.

It was a tiring, busy, fun day. After all, 10 is special, it's the first time you have 2 digits in your age.

Thanks to Karl for manning the grill, I kept forgetting and the dogs would've been burnt.
Thanks to my Mom for the photos, I'll get a digital camera one of these days.
Thanks to Pam for helping with the cupcakes,

Especially, Thanks to everyone for giving up Sunday afternoon naps, letting their kids get way too tired, wet, full of sugar, over-stimulated watching goofy cartoons, and whatever else they got into.

It was a wonderful day, full of fun, no fights, laughter and conversation.

come back again!!

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