Jun 4, 2008

Replacing Fiber Rush Chair Seats

This week I am replacing the seats in 2 of our dining room chairs. These chairs are hand crafted by a man in Spruce Pine, NC and were part of our wedding present from Davids parents.

Unfortunately, when we first got married, I had a calico cat that decided to use 2 of the chair seats for her scratching post. Add to that the daily, constant use that the chairs see, and it was way past time to fix them. I've had the information about how to do it for quite a while. I also had some free material to use that my friend Wanda gave me before they moved.

So, Memorial Day, when David was home, I decided to tear one of the chairs down and give it a try. It's not hard, but it is tiring and hard on my sore shoulder. So the test chair gave me a good idea of what to do, I ran out of material, and couldn't finish the job.

Tuesday, I placed an order for more supplies from my wonderful basketry supplier. http://www.ncbasketworks.com/ and by Wednesday afternoon my supplies were here.

I didn't do anything else until yesterday, Sarah's birthday party was Sunday afternoon and that took precedent until then. More about that later.

So today and tomorrow, I plan on getting both chairs done. My mom wants to come down and learn the technique in case she ever needs to do any for their ministry with JAARS.

Here is a picture from the website of this type of chair seat.

What do you think? When I checked on having this done 2 years ago, the price started at $50 per chair. At the time I thought it was a ridiculous price. Now that I've had a tiny bit of experience, I totally agree with the price, and would probably charge more!

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