Jun 9, 2008

Q: What is the first thing you expect a bank teller to be able to do?

A: Count your money accurately!!!

Today I had to make a small deposit of cash, rolled coins, and a money order at the local bank that I use mainly for buying and selling homeschool curriculum.

It was the first day of a merger, so I'll give them some slack for computer problems, learning a new system etc.

BUT, it took 2 tellers 10 minutes to count my deposit of less than $100. My 10 year old was in with me and she kept telling them how much it added up to. They had to re-count several times and kept getting the wrong total!!

Object lesson: kids, this is why I make you practice counting money and giving back accurate change at home. This is why you do your own transactions when you're buying something.

BUT, I did remain calm and gracious, which was not my temperment, my God working in me. So, will we drop this bank? I think I'll give them several more chances.

At least their web banking was easy and accurate!

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I am Joy. said...

As a former bank teller, may I just say, thank you for not losing your cool :o) They have to be *painfully* accurate with every customer. It's just as distressing to them as it is to you because their totals have to be exactly right at the end of the day.

I found you on ravelry. Like your blog :o)