Oct 24, 2016

Migraine update...Sort of


This post came about after a person posted in one of my migraine facebook groups that all we need to do is pray harder and have more faith and we will be healed.

I have no doubt that God still heals in a miraculous way.  But not everyone who prays for healing will receive and it is not biblical to say that they will.

 Here is my facebook post...

I've prayed for healing for years. So have my family. So have my friends. It is not always God's will or plan for us to be healed. To say that "you will be healed" is wrong on so many levels.

I have a friend's who have lost children this year, hund
reds prayed for healing. They were not healed on earth. They were healed in heaven. To tell a person they don't pray hard enough is just wrong. 

Christ prayed so hard he sweated blood. He was not relieved of his mission. If the holy, perfect, sinless son of God had to suffer to fulfill the fathers will how can I, a sinner, expect to be healed no questions asked?

That doesn't mean I will stop praying and lose my faith. But I will choose to accept that at least for now it is not God's will to heal me. Then I pray for strength to get through the next day, for wisdom, for meds that help...

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