Jun 30, 2015

Plants & Back Strain

Repotted my huge aloe plant and her babies yesterday. I think I have 12 pots to sell if they all live. After I finished I cleaned up and took some Motrin because I knew I would be sore. By 8 last night I was crying in pain. Had a very painful and restless night and was convinced I was having another kidney stone attack.
Went to the Doc today still in terrible pain. She did the usual checks and said what did you do yesterday Anything unusual? I told her about the repotting of the aloe and she said this isn't kidney stones. This is a severe muscle strain.
What a relief. I still hurt but at least it's not kidney stones.

My aloe family.  That's a celery plant hiding in there too.

The rest of the aloe brood.

Hybrid Tea Rose that we moved and cut back.  Lots of new growth.

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