Jun 8, 2015

Brief Update

Right now it feels like everything is very negative and discouraging.

Nothing on a job for David.

Denied Medicaid because it took too long to get them the info so I have to start over.

Constant, level 8+ migraine for the last 11 days.

Daniel and David fighting.

Daniel thinking that since he is 18 he shouldn't have to have any rules.

Stressing over the financial situation.
Getting my pinched nerve in my neck fully healed.

On a more positive note, Sarah and I visited my parents church yesterday and the youth pastor preached a very good sermon about keeping the gospel of Chr1sts crucifixion and resurrection at the forefront of our f@ith.  Mom is going to get me a cd of the sermon. He was preaching to the graduates but it was a message we all needed to hear.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  It means so much to me,

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