Apr 20, 2015

Will YOU share and help?

Ok Folks. What is UP? Samantha's fund raiser has been shared 245 times yet only 9 people have helped.
Is this event not "flashy" enough? Is It not dramatic enough?
How's this for drama? Samantha sleeping in a bed like each of us do at night, causes her to run fever a lot of the time. Remember the lovely and short lived NC snow storms we have? It is dangerous for Sam to bundle up and go outside to sled with her friends because her body can't self regulate and her temp... will drop extremely fast and she can go into hypothermia.
There is much more that I could tell you but will save for another post.

This family are personal friends of ours. I do NOT share fund raisers that I feel are frivolous. Donations to Samantha will mean she can continue to get the medicine, equipment, therapies etc that she needs to live.
I was overwhelmed with the support my friends showed us and continue to show us.
If you want to give and remain anonymous then contact me and I will give you the address to mail a money order.
Please share
Please pray
Please Give!

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