Feb 8, 2015

Should the Gibson Family be banned from Wal-Mart???

I think we may need to stop shopping at Wal-Mart. Our last 2 trips there have ended in "disaster".
Yesterday we stopped to pick u a few groceries and when David went to get the car it wouldn't start and the horn started blaring. (Somehow the theft deterrent system had been activated), After 2 hours of trying everything the manual said, a very sweet man trying all the tricks he knew, (he owns a Toyota and works for a towing company), calling the Toyota dealership then final...ly calling AAA t come tow it home and my Dad to come pick Sarah and me and the groceries up and take them home AND putting a new battery in the car we were feeling rawther hopeless.
Sarah and I got home about 15 minutes before David and the tow truck arrived. The plan at that point was to call the dealership in Monday morning for help.
David got on the internet and after looking at several informative sites discovered that there is a little push button switch on the drivers side floor kind of behind the fender, where you have to stand on your head to find it. This wonderful little switch turns the theft deterrent system off!!!!!

So... a broken down car is not something you can easily be thankful for.
What am I thankful for beside the fact that the car doesn't have to go to the shop?...
1. It was 4.30 or so instead of 11.30 when we would have been back to get Daniel from work.
2. It was daylight for most of the incident.
3. The weather was beautiful even if it was a little chilly.
4. My parents were home and
          A. looked up the phone number for the dealership
          B. were willing to take Sarah, the groceries and me home
5. There was a very helpful gentleman who worked with David for at least an hour trying to get the car working. 
6. Said gentleman even took his family home and came back to continue helping us.
7. AAA was very helpful on the phone
8. The tow truck arrived very quickly
9. The tow driver was a very nice, kind helpful person
10 We had a giftcard so the battery only cost us $10
11. We were stranded somewhere safe
12. with access to bathrooms, and about anything else we might have need.
Sometimes it is hard to be thankful. But if I really look I can find a way to be truly thankful.
The other incident at Wal-MArt? The week before we had picked up some groceries, including a 2 liter Cherry Lemon Sundrop. As the belt moved the groceries forward the drink fell over and landed on a sharp metal corner.
Can you say "Soda Geyser"?
What a mess. It took 3 employees plus Sarah and me helping to get it cleaned up and those 3 employees were so gracious and kind and it was a BIG MESS!!!

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