May 20, 2013

How to drive the Dog, aka Oscar, aka Monsterdog, Crazy

  1. Take dog outside to check the mail.
  2. Have daughter join you bringing dogs FAVORITE toy.
  3. Daughter throws toy for dog.
  4. Toy lands on roof of house.
  5. Dog searches
  6. Dog searches
  7. Mom points up
  8. Dog looks up
  9. Daughter decides that throwing a hula hoop onto roof is a good way to drag the toy down.
  10. Daughter throws hula hoop onto roof after third try.
  11. Hula hoop lands too far back to be reached by daughter.
  12. Mom suggests moving car closer and having daughter stand on hood of car to reach hula hoop
  13. Decide to NOT try #12.
  14. Get hoe to reach hula hoop.
  15. Push hoe too far up and out of reach.
  16. Call son to come help
  17. Son can reach handle of hoe but misses on first try.
  18. Son tries again and successfully reached hula hoop which is surrounding toy and flings all to the ground.
  19. Mom says to son, Dog lost a ball under your car too, will you get that with the hoe?
  20. Son says no it's too muddy there.
  21. Daughter plays tug-of-war with dog and rescued toy.
  22. Mom takes pictures.
  23. Mom blogs,
                                                                       THE END

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