Oct 22, 2012

Kidney Stones and other Pains in the you know where

    To keep it straight in my mind I'm posting the events of Saturday, October 13  through Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Around 5 a.m. on 10/13 I woke to use the ladies room.  Suddenly I was hit with a vomitting spell and immediately my head felt like it was going to explode.  If my worst migraine ever was a 10, then this was easily a 20.  I was screaming in pain.  I managed to get back to the bed, David brought me an icepack which made the pain worse.  We waited a few minutes,  all the while I am trying to control my cries so I don't wake the kids.

After no relief, I asked David to bring the kids to me so that I could tell them good-bye.  At this point I fully expected to die.  I had no clue what was causing this pain, but knew it could not be good.

Of course the kids were frightened to see me in this state, and I was trying to comfort them, to tell them it would be alright even if I died.  I pulled off my rings and gave my spoon ring they gave me for mothers day in 2010 to Sarah and my wedding rings to Daniel.

We headed to the ER as soon as we were dressed and arrived around 6 a.m.  Good, they're not busy, I should be well cared for...

The pain level had decreased by this point but was still so intense I couldn't think to answer question, couldn't tell them what was going on etc.

My blood pressure was 200+ over 110+.

I was put in a room and given a CT scan of my head and an EKG.

Someone came in to start my IV, but couldn't get it because my BP was so high.  Slowly, as I lay on the gurney, my BP started to come down.  The CT and EKG came back normal.  No stroke, no heart attack.

More waiting, blood pressure continuing to slowly come down.

Headache getting worse.  Shot of toradol and 2 zofran for nausea.

10 a.m., we don't know why this happened but you can go home now.  No instructions, no prescriptions, nothing...

We went home, stopping by Chick-Fil-A for breakfast on the way.

My head is still hurting tho not as bad.  I fell dizzy whenever I move at all, and the pain worsens.

We get through Saturday and go to bed hoping that tomorrow I'll be fine.

    Sunday, we get up, get breakfast, each his own, I still feel lousy, the headache, dizziness...  Around noon I call the on-call line of my primary doctor.  The RN on-call advises me to go back to the ER.

When we arrive at the ER, a different one from yesterday, I am quickly triage back, my BP is still high, orders written, sent to the lab waiting area where I waited no longer then 10 minutes.

Put in a room, IV started, blood taken, urine sample, my room labeled a priority...  Doc comes in and does a thorough physical exam.  Tells me what they are looking for in all the blood they've drawn.  Explains that he might have to do a spinal tap if all my labs look good.

Within an hour, I'm being prepped for and have given consent to have a spinal tap done.

Spinal tap...not a thing I would like to repeat, but a necessary evil.   BUT the results of the spinal are good!  No meningitis!

So where do we go from here?  Doc explains that he doesn't know what caused the BP spike and the headache.  But we do know what didn't cause it.  You're more stable now, I'm giving you a very strong pain med and something for nausea, get them filled, go home and rest.  See your primary care doc tomorrow.


    Monday, get in to see primary doc.  Weigh in and find I've lost 20 pounds in the past 3 months!  So that's why my skirts like to fall down!  GO over all my meds,  This one BP med interacts with everything.  Why are you on it?  Let's change it to a safer med,  all these meds in the past 4 weeks to try to improve your migraine control have been too much changing for your body.  You need to get them out of your system.

So now all I'm on are the diabetes meds and the BP meds.

    Tuesday, I take the kids to the park for their cross-country practice.  I feel good!  I visit with my mom over the phone for about 30 minutes then visit with another mom the rest of the time.  I feel better today than I've felt in weeks!!

Back home.  Get supper finished, eaten.   PAIN!
                                                                  Not migraine or BP headache pain.
                                                                               Kidney Stone pain.

Wednesday.  Mom drives me to see my urologist.  X-ray taken.  5mm stone that was in the left kidney no longer visible.   Start antibiotics, pain meds, anti-spasm meds,  call me in the a.m. and let me know how you did through the night, but you're probably going to have to have surgery to remove this one.
Didn't need any pain meds from 10.20 p.m. Wednesday until about noon on Thursday.  Called Dr in a.m. to say had a pretty good night.
2 hours later called back, tell him it's moving again, pain is bad.  Can you control it or do you need to go to the ER.  I'll control it.
Come in Friday morning for CT scan so we can locate the stone.

Friday, get CT scan done, See Harrison, Stone has barely moved since it left kidney, it's too big to pass, Dr G has a slot let me check and see if we can get you in today.

Be back at hospital by noon, surgery at 2.

Surgery goes well.  Sent home with typical instructions.  Didn't get to sleep it off because David needed to keep my moving to prevent clots.

Friday night go to sleep.  4 a.m. wake freezing, temp of 104.   Call the on call urologist.  Take a Tylenol, see if it comes down.  4 hours later 101. by 11 a.m. fever  up to 103.  Call urologist back, go to ER for evaluation and possible admittance.

In Er, they fear pneumonia, doc from last weekend is working.  Put me in his rooms.  Chest x-ray, urine sample.  Everything clear!  Possible sinus infection, you're very congested.  Go home, do you need more pain meds?  lots of fluids, rest...

    Sunday morning, still have slight fever, still very tired, but slowly getting better.

Pain from surgery comes and goes.  Right now it's fairly bad which is why I'm blogging at 3.30 a.m.

I go back to the urologist on Wednesday to have the stent removed.  David will be with me, removing a stent can be painful and can cause spasms that are not pleasant.  But over all maybe I'm on the upswing.  I hope I am.

I want to get back to walking, we were doing so well and I was really enjoying it.  (They put sidewalks down OUR side of Morehead Rd.  Makes it much better for me for walking!)

(This was the 2nd kidney stone I had to have removed in about 10 weeks.  Prior to this I had not had a bad attack in 9 years.

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