Sep 6, 2011

More Pictures

Sarah getting ready to teach the 3-3-3 stack at the library.  she did a program at the library with the help of her team members.  She has been asked to do another program this fall.

This is 1 of 3 relay teams for our club.  This team took 2nd.  From left to right Sara, Joesy, Daniel, Sarah

Sarah & Sara doing the doubles stacking.  In doubles the 2 stackers work as 1. Sarah is the right hand and Sara is the left hand.  They  took 2nd place in their division at the Central Piedmont Sport Stacking Invitational, March 2011 in the 18  and up age division.

Part of the CCHSA Sports Stacking Team.
Joesy & Savannah (siblings), Daniel & Sarah (siblings), Coach Rhonda (grey shirt) Emily & Chelsey (Rhondas daughters), Sara (curly hair)

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