Sep 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

Daniel has been fascinated with guns as long as we can remember.  He has had a BB gun and then an air rifle.  He has practiced with the air rifle for at least 2 years.  He is the guy that can name a gun he sees on TV and tell me all about it.  (Just like his Dad can do with cars and trains)
What better present than a lesson in gun safety and a trip to the rifle range?

Here he is shooting his Granddad's (David's Dad, John Gibson) Marlin 57M Micro Groove .22 Magnum Rifle at 25 yards.  David learned to shoot about 37 years ago using this same gun.  Both Dads were very impressed with his marksmanship. David says 'he appears to be a natural'.  I guess that all of that practice with his .177 caliber Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle has paid off!
 He and his Grandpa, (my Dad) and David went and shot for an hour after viewing a mandatory safety video.

Not a bad shot for a first timer.


Look at that shot pattern.  Decent shot accuracy at 25 yards.

Daniel and his Dad

My Dad, (Susan) Jack Monette, shooting his 38 caliber pistol.

Daniel, David & Jack After a couple of hours at the shooting Range. 
Saturday, September 3rd, we had both sets of Grand Parents (John and Grace  and Jack and Judy) over for grilled hamburgers and french fries, cake and ice cream or peach pie.

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