Jan 27, 2011

Where has all the time gone??

Christmas has come and gone...
The thank you notes have been written (but not mailed yet),

Christmas $$ has been spent
  • I bought fabric for a dress coat
  • D bought a put it together yourself pc kit, and by put it together, it really is put it together, vs hook up all the wires and turn the power on
  • S bought her own DS and a game
The coat is finished, almost, I need to reposition the belt loops and give it the final pressing

Everything for the pc arrived today EXCEPT the external box, kinda critical 'cause where do you put all the components if not inside the box?

DS and game arrived and have been played and played and pla....you get the picture

So what is next???

Right now get a sick child and hubby feeling better without getting sick myself.

Get back on track with 'book learnin'.


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