Apr 6, 2010

Praise Him With Us

I saw the cardiologist yesterday. He reviewed all the tests done at the hospital on Wednesday, Thursday Saturday & Sunday. EVERY SINGLE test was negative for ANY heart damage or blockage.
After I gave him a detailed account of all that had been going on, he asked if I had ever had a neck injury. Why yes, I have. I told him the details of the injury and he shared with me an incident that had happened to him. He had 2 slipped discs in his neck but without neck pain. He had terrible pain in his upper left arm.
I also had not had any neck pain until yesterday. But Dr Colavita is 99.9% sure that my chest pain was related to my neck injury and the arthritis in my neck.
So, he recommended the neurologist that he used and I will see Dr Petty next week
We are so thankful. I do have significant risk factors, bad family history, diabetes, HBP, high triglyceride's, weight... So David and I are going to follow the South Beach plan and increase our exercise. We started last night and walked 1 mile last night.

So Praise Him with us and ask Him that I/we will stick to our plan and be successful in becoming more healthy.

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