Nov 9, 2009

Twenty Years of Wedded Bliss

otherwise known as:
Our Second Honeymoon

We stayed at Mountainbrook Cottages, cottage #5.  Little has changed in twenty years.  It was a much needed step back in time.  No T.V., No PC, No telephone, not even any cell service. 

The cottages are equipped with a basic kitchen.  The only trouble I had was getting used to electric burners.
We brought some groceries from home and purchased a few things that I had forgotten in town at the super Wal-Mart.
I almost forgot to take any pictures of the cottage until we were loading the car to come home on Saturday. Hence the couch full of bags, boxes and luggage.
Our front porch greeter.
Maqelle & Poppy the long-hair Chihuahua who took great care of us upon arrival.  I wanted to bring Poppy home with me!

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