Nov 27, 2009

Another Crochet Post, but hey, it's my current favorite hobby!

This is the 6th crocheted purse that I have made and only the 3rd that I have kept for myself for use as a purse.

 Purse 1 was a felted purse that ended up way too big, so I used it as a tote for a while and then donated it.

 Purse 2 was also a felted purse made along the same lines as #1, but I’m not happy with the straps. Since I like everything else about it I am considering removing the straps as soon as I figure out what I want to replace them with.

 Purse 3 is perfect except for the yarn I used. Too easily snagged, pilled, etc. for daily use. I’ll keep it though for a dressy winter purse.

 Purse 4 was an experiment using the type of yarn you find in commercially available crocheted purses. I gave it to my sister. The initial 4 all followed to some extent a pattern I found on the internet for free.

 Purse 5 was entirely my own creation; it is now my daughters.

 Purse 6 is my most recent and so far my favorite. I found the yarn in a box of mill ends at the A.C. Moore in Concord Mills Mall. I’m fairly sure that it is acrylic. I used a double strand throughout and single crocheted to give the purse a very sturdy body. It would not have needed any lining at all, but I like to have pockets.

I learn something with every purse I make. With purse 6 I learned that I can ruin 3 zippers very easily and that Velcro is NOT my closure of choice. (The zippers were reclaimed from worn out other things) I also learned that there is available a very nifty closure that is a hinge contraption that I plan on looking into.

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