Jan 20, 2009

Snow and Vegetable Soup

I have decided to start posting some of my recipes as I think of it. So today the kids and I made Vegetable Soup
  1. Brown 1 # of ground meat, I used venison.
  2. Add 1 chopped onion,
  3. garlic to taste,
  4. 2 potatoes,chopped
  5. 2 ribs of celery,chopped
  6. about 3 cups of frozen mixed veggies, I even used 1/2 of a turnip, then wished I hadn't 'cause I like it raw and wanted to munch on it.
  7. Add 1 large can of V-8 juice
  8. and 2 pints of broth, I used turkey broth.
  9. Let simmer all day or afternoon. Once the raw veggies are tender it's good to go.

Daniel took this photo from our front porch around 7 this morning. He used the flash and look what it did to the snowflakes. I think it's very cool!

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Jacob and/or Karen said...

Nice post. Actually, the format on the email showed up really nice for some reason. Just the way the pictures were spread out. The snow picture IS quite a shot.