May 1, 2015

If it's not one thing it's another

Last night I fell out of bed and hit my head, jaw, right arm and reinjured my pinched nerve which had been on the mend.  The look on Dr Halls face when I told him what had happened was not good.  This may be a major setback  and he told David to watch for signs of a concussion.

This is going on 6 weeks that I can't do much of anything.  I can't drive, cook, crochet, or even fold laundry.  I'm starting to loose hope in ever getting better.   I'm seeing my family doc on Monday about the discoloration on my face.  Today it does appear lighter and the bruising around my eyes is less and my right eye is not as droopy as it has been.   There is so much going on that it's becoming very hard to have any positive outlook or thoughts.

No job in sight for David but Dole did ask him to apply for a job. 

Please continue to keep us in your pr@yers,


Scrambled eggs with asparagus, grape tomatoes, bacon & sweet onion.  YUM...ME

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