Feb 21, 2014

Update on Oscar, hopes dashed

Our hopes that Oscar was turning the corner after his reaction to the medicine have been dashed.  The vet examined his foot this morning and was still very concerned about the paw staying cold.  Even though the pain has greatly decreased and he seems to have perked up and is even bearing some weight on that foot and the abscess seems to be draining he believes, and I agree, that the cold foot is a major concern and indicates a circulatory problem.

After consulting with a specialist O does not have a good prognosis. If circulation does not improve within the next few days it could turn to gangrene.  

At this point our goal is to get the circulation going in that foot.  Soaking and massaging the tissue to help drain it as well as keeping him on the antibiotics and as pain free and comfortable as possible.

It's hard to accept that his time with us may be coming to a close.  We're praying for physical healing for Oscar. 

The Bible tells us,  "Luke 12:6 Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God." 

I believe that the creator of the universe, who keeps track of the sparrow when it falls and counts the hair on my head cares for Oscar and understands our pain.  It is only with His strength that I can comfort my daughter who is grieving the possible loss of her furry friend.   I think a sudden and quick death would be preferable to caring for him for days, seeing what we think is improvement only to hit the valley of death again.  The uncertainty and wait is so stressful.

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