Feb 19, 2012

Going 'No-Poo'

There are a lot of articles on the www that tell you how to go 'shampoo free' in your hair care.  Some thoughts are getting rid of the chemicals, some thoughts are better care for curly hair.  I initially fell into the latter category.  Going 'No-Poo' for better curl care.

But as my migraines worsened I started looking at ways to eliminate as much chemical exposure as possible.  Remember you can't control everything you are exposed to but you can control the things in your home and on your body.

 I started my 'No-Poo' journey reading Lorraine Masseys book Curly Girl which is available through Amazon.

She advocates using conditioner instead of shampoo because of the moisture that curly hair needs.  My hair did quite well using this method, but I was still using chemicals on my hair.  I did this method for several years.

Fast forward...

About 3 years ago (at the most) David discovered an all-in-1 shampoo/body wash by Zest.  He used it and really liked it, because he only had a single product in the shower.  Being a bar soap, he thought he would use less soap than with a liquid.  About 6 months later we could no longer find it and even contacting the company proved fruitless, as the company discontinued the bar soap, but they had something in liquid form if he wanted it.  He did not!

So a search began for a good bar shampoo.  During this time he also started to travel for work and taking the right size bottle that might leak was a pain and he really did not like the hotel products . We found a bar shampoo at Duluth Trading Company.  So we ordered 1bar, David tried it and loved it. I was 'resistant' to change.  He asked me several times to just try it but I was SO sure that MY hair care choice was better that I refused.  Finally, just to appease him I tried it.


I was wrong.  This stuff was great.  I didn't need any conditioner to soften my hair.  I needed very little product to style my hair and my curls just keep getting better and better. 

So I am a believer.  AND the best part?  The ingredients are Tea Tree Oil,  Hemp Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, spring water and sodium hydroxide to bind it together. Unfortunately the binder is a chemical, but for me the alternative shampoos are much worse with many chemicals.
We buy 12 bars at a time and this lasts the 4 of us at least 12 months if not longer.  We put the bar on a piece of plastic so instead of any of it dripping away on the soap dish it sticks to the plastic with no waste.  When it gets down to a stamp size sliver I can still get 2 or 3 shampoos out of it.  Then David adheres a new bar to the plastic and the cycle continues.

Happy Shampooing!

And, Yes, We highly recommend this product.

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